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About Us

About The Company

Sunrise Autoelectronics is a proven market leader in the supply of world – class components in the country. More than 100 customers rely on Sunrise Autoelectronics for their superior Technical Support Team, Best Price, Shortest Delivery Time and Sunrie’s enviable inventory,the largest in the segment with an astonishing capability to supply more than 10000 types of components from the world’s leading component manufacturers.

The company is based in Satara, Maharashtra and we covers  the whole Indian Market as well we Export goods. Sunrise Autoelectronics‘s phenomenal success is linked to the ability to deliver any type of components anywhere within a short period of time. With clearfocus on Total Dedication,Total Commitment and Total Quality.  Sunrie Autoelectronics has an impressive track record of customer satisfaction, enabling it to retain its position as a preferred Component supplier for industries both big and small.

A one stop resource, Sunrise Autoelectronics offers its customers cost-effective,high-quality Components. Near 24 X 7 supply capability has endeared Sunrie Autoelectronics to customers who can rely on ourcompetitive price and stock availability. Sunrie Autoelectronics ‘s major supply area is electronic components and wiring harness industries also highly specialized area which requires huge investment and specialized knowledge and experience.

Wide product_range

Sunrise Autoelectronics can identify what the customer specifically wants even if the inquiries are not accurate or if they are unfamiliar. Also since Veda Autoline deals with major brands, it covers the whole range of electronics & wiring harness accessories . Being thoroughly experienced, they can quickly and effectively respond to critical and non-standard demands.

Exemplary service

In most of the cases, manufacturers like to do the higher volumes of business directly. Since 2008 Sunrise Autoelectronics has a huge network, large stock and wide experience, customers are satisfied in buying their requirement from Sunrise Autoelectronics .

Multi- Utility

To assure quality, timely response and delivery, price and service support.

Competitive Pricing

Sunrise Autoelectronics is direct Importer and a Mega distributor, there are no intermediaries and the prices are therefore very competitive.